Project ‘Break in the Civic Jungle’ looks at the modern corporate world and its methods which they shape their reality, in relation to actual humans’ behave. By investigating the progress of the development on various commercial and banking fields, it can be easily seen the way realism adjust itself to the vision, the idea of to enclose new favourable customs in today financial society. Crossrail Place Roof Garden on Canary Wharf represents biblical Eden in business edition. Neighbouring with offices, it supposed to be a cut off from workplace routine. For a public information, the purpose of this place is described as engaging Community and School Groups. It sounds positive, but from the psychological side, the purpose is to create family life around the leading work in worker’s priorities.

Undertaking the Rachel Maclean approach in criticising 21st century society, my project assumes technique of enhance indication of idealise sheath. Personally, as a close observer of the radical changes that entail entering this world, I felt that it could not be preserved as normal, moreover it needs to be stigmatise. Through the interference of graphic post-processing, Break in the Civic Jungle parodies brands advertising, coloured reality, solution of the basic needs of employees and artificial harmony of the distorted place. Presence of time embodies the highest value, counting in this world.

Concluding, humanity appears to me as an antagonism. Idyllic life puts its price on, repaid by contacts with loved ones, self-respect or even physical health. I think of my presentation as arranged to blur the borders of our behave and the instinctive reflexes in contrast to modern vision of our desired reality.



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