The “Use of nature in city spaces” project is about the unique nature, merged in the modern, industrial landscape and contemporary architecture. As an inspiration taken upon Jorma Puranen’s “Imaginary Homecoming”, I approached the appearance of plants which were originally removed and then brought back as in the form of ornaments. Their customization to fit at every turn makes it a perfect subject to explore our relation to the primary origin and the element of stabilization.

The process of exploring the green side of the city discovers its meaningful side in our cultural understanding. On areas mainly occupied by office buildings rarity and at the same time most desirable is the plants presence. Circle of escaping to the big city, searching for a career and escaping from the office in search of a calm space arouses my curiosity.

My goal is to motivate receivers to look beyond the casual use of a flower on the windowsill. Surrounding nature has a positive impact on people’s well-being. Hence, the way the genuine flora is incorporated with the city mixture of concrete and glass, their means is not only for an aesthetic purpose. Where, in the most absurdly expensive location, with prices over tens of thousands per square meter, plants take a crucial part, protecting our physical and mental health and allow a peaceful rest for our eyes against the chaos of the urban life.



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