Since I remember, I was fascinated by the metropolises and different possibilities to experience it. One of the proven method became a tour, over the viewing points, the higher the better. But the most attractive for me always seems to be domestic views, not shown on Instagram, nor customised or easy to spot. I dug the true face of the city from repetitive landscapes, observed from flats around the city centre.

“The Private View” introduces two abrasive rhythms, the role of the window is assigned as the meeting point between the motionless interior and the fast paced external world. The project explores the varieties of the city scenery, framed with in the modern house sight. The combination allows to experience the mood within the London’s household perspective while it represents a specific moment in space and time. The captured reality allows the viewer, while letting go of decorum, to glare and deliberately unveil the individual domestic life particularities.



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