How does it work?

Clear and friendly communication is the key.

It is mutual engagement and cooperation that decides about the success of the project. Express your vision, stay in touch, and enjoy the ride ☕

My turn

Afterwards, it is time for me to visit the building over a period of time to determine the best moment for capturing. Together with the artificial light and external weather conditions I do my best to highlight various features and details.

Character photography for your building

You are the owner, you are creator. Your part is to carefully weave the building into the rich urban language. And I can't wait to photograph it! Landscape might seem sometimes ordinary or even structurally implausible. Here you need someone who understands the challenge and exactly knows, how to approach it.

The base are internal and external shots. Pictures of the details highlight the textures and materials. Every picture in the final set counts, that is why I consider dusk and night photographs.  Every location and setting, approached with sharp eye and open mind results in harmony on the picture.  

Every picture is digitally processed, in the way that It emphasizes the advantageous features and retains the authenticity of the image.

You don’t need incredible gear to get incredible photos. But you do need to be an incredible photographer

to get incredible photos. But what if you bring those two together...


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